Sunday, 26 April 2015

15: CANNATA - Mysterium Magnum (2006)

Introduction by Andy Read

"This album is one of the true hidden gems in the DPRP archives. I know that, because in over 10 years of writing for DPRP, this review has generated the most positive feedback. Indeed, two people I now like to call friends, first came into contact with me thanks to this album.

American-based singer/song-writer and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Cannata is one of the few artists sitting in the small niche described as 'Progressive AOR'. Mysterium Magnum draws together the best elements of prog rock, AOR and melodic hard rock, with Jeff's sublime songwriting and vocals. Almost a decade later, this is still a regular feature on my playlist.

Despite my glowing review, both this and Jeff's equally impressive Tamorok album (released under his Arc Angel moniker) have remained criminally under-discovered. Jeff now concentrates on making music for movies and commercials. This is a gentle reminder not to miss out."

From the 2006 archives, read Andy's original review and see what score he gave the album:
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Watch the official Cannata video for the track Promise You Heaven.
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Visit the Cannata CDBaby Store to grab your copy (and pick up Arc Angel's Tamorok somewhere too!)
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Sunday, 19 April 2015

14: OPETH - Blackwater Park (2005)

Introduction by Ben Cameron a DPRP reader and musician from London (via Australia)

"I first heard of Opeth through a friend at school. I was a typical angst-riddled teenager, listening to bands like Metallica and Pantera. I picked up Blackwater Park purely because I had heard The Drapery Falls and loved the guitar melody. My first impressions were of amazement. A band that was heavier than anything I’d listen to, could at the same time be so sweet and heartfelt. This album opened my eyes to what music can be without genre barriers, which has in turn forever changed the way I write music.
I also owe this album for introducing me to the brilliant Steven Wilson, whose music has been an obsession of mine ever since... but that’s a story for another time.
Fast forward eight years and I was backpacking through Europe and got the chance to see Opeth at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Nothing could have prepared me for that night. The best venue in the world, the last-minute seat upgrade to a grand tier box, but most of all, a spectacular, complete performance of the album that made me re-think music. Pure bliss."

From the 2005 archives, read the original review by the DPRP's Gatot Widayanto, and see what score he gave the album:
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Watch Opeth play the title track live at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
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The album is currently available on Grooveshark.
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Sunday, 12 April 2015

13: NETHERWORLD - Netherworld (In The Following Half-Light) (1981/2003)

Introduction by Jerry van Kooten

It was around 1983 when I learnt about this album, and it has been an all-time favourite ever since. Twenty years later I was happy to be instrumental in getting it reissued on CD and I am glad that our objective team member Mark Hughes agreed with me on the full 10/10 score in our duo review. Another twelve years later, how are things now?

Prog in the USA around that time was rare, but the opening track, recorded in 1981 would have fitted right into the second wave of prog in Britain. Side A's closing song is weirdly modern and haunting, and between those are two true progressive songs. Side B still has two of the most beautiful, more classic prog songs I know. Then there's even the scary Sargasso and brilliant bonus track in Cumulo Nimbus. A great combination of different sub-styles of the prog genre on a single album and all done to a very high level emotional, not too technical, with amazing arrangements. Yup, this is still one of my favourite albums.

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

12: YES - Going For The One (1977)

Introduction by Andrew Halley

Going for the One was the first album I ever bought. It was the summer of 1977 and I was seventeen years old. Punk was all over the charts and the music press, but this album went to No.1 in the UK album charts. I remember thinking that must have pi**ed off all the "trendies"! 
By October I attended my first ever stadium concert: Yes at Wembley. £4.25 for the ticket and the band played the whole album live. 
From the opener Parallels, through the animated ballet dancer backdrop of Turn of the Century, to the Roundabout encore, I can still hear it now. 
Back to to the LP, and that lovely sunset, gatefold image of Lake Geneva (Lac L√©man), with the band's individual photos, even changed the way that I dressed. Awaken I was.

From DPRP's Yes review special in 2014, read our trio review including the viewpoint of guest reviewer Theo Travis (Steven Wilson Band/Soft Machine Legacy).

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Watch this official video of Yes' Wonderous Stories.
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